Here I am, Lord...

5 tips to get you motivated

Ok, so summer is behind us and school is back in for most of us. So does summertime (as much as I love it) put anyone else in a slump? Is it hard to get back on track with your goals, motivation, inspiration? Or is it just me?

If that’s you as well…

Here are 5 things I’ve done to get motivated:

1. Prayer. I prayed for clarity, motivation, inspiration, wisdom and the whole shebang. I know God has placed dreams inside all of us, and He doesn’t want us sitting on the sidelines in a slump when we could be in the game!

2. Daily Reminders. I created a daily reminder to create a list of “5 Things I Want to Accomplish Today”. I also started using a new app called Wunderlist that helps keep me organized and on track! I love that I can use it on my computer, phone and iPad and it automatically syncs to each.

3. Goal Planner. I dusted off my intentional goal planner that sat for a couple of months over the summer and got back on track where I left off.

4. Inspirational Podcasts. I found some great podcasts to start listening to and have set a goal to listen to at least three to five per week. (Message me for some suggestions if you need some ideas or post your favorites in the comments.)

5. Continual Learner. I also set a goal to read two chapters a day in a book that will inspire me, motivate me, teach me or that feeds my soul in some way. (Have a great book that helped you? Please post in the comments!)

These may not be the goals you want to set but take a few minutes and decide where you want to make changes and set a goal to achieve them. You will feel more fulfilled, motivated and inspired in no time!

You were meant to be in the GAME chasing your goals so take that first step today!


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